Calm Line Candle Trio

Calm Line Candle Trio

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The Calm Line Candle trio or as we call it, the bundle of excellence. For those who can't decide or simply want it all: The Set of Three.

STAY SAFE Bamboo & Coconut
Calming, fresh and uplifting - Bamboo & Coconut is definitely the spring scent you need.
A definite spring favourite with a twist of bamboo for making every day a great day.

STAY HEALTHY Sea Salt & Orchid
Rich, earthy and floral: Everyone deserves a bouquet of flowers sometimes - trust us on this one. It makes you forget about all your sorrows and takes you straight to your next summer vacation on the beach - inside your apartment.

STAY HOME Amber Nights
Warm, powdery and woody: Amber Nights was the first scent that was developed for Calm Line Candle. As cozy on cold nights as it is on a summer night with friends and fills your house with a nice but not overpowering scent.


165g candle x 3

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    100% Soy Wax / Scented Candle / Burn time of 40 hours

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